Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Today is Veteran's Day. It's the first time in my adult life that I have the day off - no work, no school, just me and my free time. Bizarrely, given the fact that we are in the midst of two wars, it seems that observing Veteran's Day is rather optional. As a government employee, I will be at home. But Michael will be slaving away at the corporate firm. Most of my friends are at work, putting in their hours.

Obviously, having the day off doesn't necessarily demand recognizing the importance of - or thanking - our veterans. But I must admit that it did just that for me.

About three weeks ago, Michael had to spend five days in California on business. I really hated it. I consider myself quite independent, and Michael and I have a grown-up relationship. But having him gone for five days just seemed stupid.

I can't imagine the courage it must take for members of our military to say goodbye, to pack up homes and memories, to travel the world without the people they love most, to be a part of some of the most frightening and thrilling experiences known to man. I can't bear to think of what it must be like for the people they leave behind...

On this Veteran's Day, let me thank those men and women who are serving in war, who are away from family and friends, who are on the other side of the world and have no prospect of being home for the holidays. Specifically, let me say thanks to the veterans in my life - my cousin-in-law:

And my friend, Brett Gibson:

It's amazing to me how safe I've been from war, despite us currently waging two... but that's a story for another day.


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Ryan, Kristen & Lacy said...

Lil, you brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for recognizing Ryan...it means a lot to me and I know it means a lot to Ryan. It is, to me, the most noble and brave profession and one that is not always remembered.