Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Alice, petting my head.

"Momma, you're the best in the whole world."

My heart melts.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


The past couple of weeks have been focused on potty training and switching Alice to the big girl bed. Which has left us exhausted.

Here's the day in a nutshell: Alice and I are up at 6:30. We read a book, drink a cup of tea, and take a shower together. We make lunch and eat breakfast. I get dressed and RUN to work. Then I run, anxious to do a good job for at least eight hours. Then run home and fix dinner and have quality family time. Then Alice and I take a bath and we read some books and we try to get her ready for sleeping. Then we do some work. And I crash.

And soon there will be another baby in this mix?

Monday, September 3, 2012


This weekend, Michael, Alice and I had a whirlwind trip to the DC area. We left on the 6:45 am train on Saturday morning, and came back on the 8:10 am train today. Not much sleep (I need a vacation after my long weekend), but all for a great cause: we were elebrating my brother's engagement.

The party was - unsurprisingly - perfect. My mom knows how to throw a shindig! The house looked amazing, and the food was delicious. And it was just awesome to meet Eileen's family. They were all so fun and warm, just like Eileen. It's exciting to add a new addition to our family unit, to have another person join the holiday fray. The best part is that we genuinely like Eileen.

This post should be longer and more specific, but it's too late for that. But just to share our lasting feelings from the weekend: exhaustion, love and excitement.