Sunday, July 28, 2013

Where We Are

Oh my little loves! My sweet Bear Bear, my sweet Goose! We had an amazing weekend - our first hiking trip as a family to Bear Mountain, sponsored in part by Grandma and Grandpa who are lending us their car for the month. We've been taking advantage - a trip to Bethlehem, to Bear Mountain, and next weekend to Rehoboth. It's been great having a so much quality family time, and we've all been happy about it.

Some things we want to remember about this time in our lives:

Alice, on our hike yesterday, Daddy taught you how to read the trail blazes. You immediately took charge. You said, "I'll be the leader, Daddy, and you can be the Helper Leader." You love to be a Baby Elephant. This can be exhausting, but it's important and healthy and all that goodness. You're still so good at being complementary, telling people how they have a pretty shirt or nice shoes. Today you told me, "Shoes don't make me beautiful. I make me beautiful." You adore merry-go-rounds.

Barrow, you are all smiles. All smiles. You are just a totally happy little man. You love your sweet sister, and can't stand to be alone. You are as happy as happy can be. You don't get nearly enough sleep, and can never get enough food. You literally jump up and down at the chance to eat something. Alice loves to make you laugh -- tonight at bedtime she rubbed her head into your belly to make you laugh over and over and over.

We love you both more than anything every!!