Monday, May 31, 2010


With songs like these, how can you not love country?!?

This Lee Brice song, "Love Like Crazy," has been on near constant replay since I bought it from iTunes (thanks, Kelsey!). The chorus is totally inspirational, and I love belting out "and love like CRAAAAAAZZZZZAAAAYYYY!" to little Miss Alice.

And this Tim McGraw song is an oldie, but a goodie! Now that I've hit that 30-year mark, it's more close to home. And when he sings, "My next 30 years will be the best years of my life. Have a little family and hang out with my wife. Spend precious moments with the ones that I hold dear. Make up for lost time here, in my next 30 years," I can't help but agree. Vigorously.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


As most of you know, my wonderful mother has been visiting us for the past three weeks, getting to know Alice and our new neighborhood, spending some R&R time back in the States. She was supposed to arrive in mid-April, but the insane volcanic ash delayed her trip by a full two weeks. At the moment I am terribly depressed because I just put her in a cab to go back to Armenia. Her visit is over.

Alice, Michael & I had a wonderful visit with LeeLee (Mom's preference over "Grandma"). This was the longest we had spent together since the summer after my first year in college, over ten years ago, and its relaxed time frame really altered the dynamic of our visit. Rather than feeling rushed to catch up over a 24-hour time frame, we were able to take our time, sitting in silence over tea in the morning, laughing at Alice together, talking about not much of anything or about the most intimate of life's treasures. Alice learned mom's voice, began responding to her "Good morning!" and "I see you!" calls. Mom and I would sit on the couch, transfixed by this new addition to our family, enjoying her sweet smiles and adorable pouts.

Around the house, Mom was a God-send. She helped us get through laundry and dinner-making and grocery shopping. She helped me plant my summer herb garden and bought me a new watch. She encouraged me to go clothes shopping and admit that the baby weight means I have to actually own some shorts and shirts that fit me.

This visit was everything I hoped it would be. Thankfully her return to the States is in sight - only four months away. But saying goodbye was tremendously difficult. I'm eager for the days when her visits are a normal part of life, when she can just hop in a car, come up for a couple of days, and know her next trip will be a matter of weeks away.

I'm blessed to be very close with my mom, as she was with hers. I pray that the tradition continues with Alice and I. I look at her and pray that I can be half the mother to her that mine is to me.

Here are some more pictures from her visit:

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Alice Being Cute

Alice - 6 Weeks Old!

Look how much she's grown! And the beautiful baby let me sleep for SIX HOURS STRAIGHT last night! If that's an apology for your behavior yesterday, Alice, I accept!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Mama Said

Today did not go as planned. Which means no, I haven't learned to stop planning with a newborn.

Alice was in no mood for her mother today. No matter what I did, I couldn't sooth her or keep her cries at bay. She did, however, immediately respond to her daddy, smiling when he held her, patiently holding his hand as she sat with him and observed the environs of our living room.

Mama said there would be days like this, but it doesn't make them easier.

I'm just excited to put this day to bed and hope that tomorrow brings a happy baby. In the meantime, I'm loving this:

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Friday, May 7, 2010


My friend Melissa's beautiful baby boy:

Just amusing:

Really tired!:

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Dear Alice,

From the start, you belonged in New York.

Not one to be hurried, you delayed your birth, arriving fashionably late. When you decided to join us, you had no patience for a slow, deliberate labor. Instead you gave your parents four hours notice, even threatening to be born in a cab along the Hudson River. In your first few weeks, you ate as many New Yorkers do - leisurely and late at night. You took taxis and trains and buses. And, above all else, you took walks.

This - these strolls - were your favorite activity. You enjoyed rides in your stroller, almost laughing at every uneven road or cobblestone sidewalk. You were soothed by street noises on these outings. Sounds of buses and trains served as lullabies to nudge you towards sleep. And above all else, you loved your sling. A month into City living, you enjoyed sitting up and taking in the sights as you and your mom walked around the neighborhood.

Today, my baby girl, we took your very first train ride. You promptly feel asleep, as many of us do, laying your head against me as soon as the train ride began. This afternoon, we stopped at PinkBerry - an ice cream for me and a bottle of breast milk for you. Because the day was gorgeous, we ate outside in the shade. You kept your eyes wide open during the entire meal, observing every last object that passed in front of you. You watched like a true New Yorker - relaxed, removed, yet relieved to have the company of the City with you. Just about every woman that passed by stopped to tell me what a beautiful girl you are - and I, of course, agreed. No less than 15 women asked about you and offered blessings for your life. "May God bless her," they repeated.

Indeed. May God bless you as much as he has me. What joy!

Happy 1-month birthday, my Alice!!

Your Mom