Monday, November 3, 2008


As an employee of the city government, I (and, by extension, Michael) benefit from a host of perks. But right now, given how early the sun sets, perhaps the greatest is the view from my office. Here's a picture from my boss's office - the Empire State Building, the Chrystel Building, and the general beauty of the New York City skyline. It seems only fair that city employees are rewarded with this view.

On my walk to work every morning, I pass Magnolia, a floral shop that my mother would kill to manage. No matter the season, Magnolia has stunning flowers that brighten up the sidewalk. As terrible for the environment as selling hydrangea in the winter must be, I can't seem to muster the liberal indignation required to get upset. Instead, I marvel at their beauty and appreciate the pick-me-up.

Another benefit from walking to and from work: the little changes in our neighborhood that I notice early on. Here's a messy picture from the very first winery to open in the city, mere blocks from our apartment. Dangerous...

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