Monday, November 17, 2008

Urban President

Michael and I are happy urbanites. We love the walking, the activity, the vitality of New York. It's such a healthy existence - walking off dinner, moving ourselves to the gym, running errands powered by our own two feet. It's wonderful! And whenever we consider leaving this lovely city of ours, we grieve over the possibility of losing this lifestyle. We wish more towns, more cities in America offered the same quality of life as we experience here.

Barack Obama, the first urbanite president since Nixon, has put forth a comprehensive urban policy, that promotes the development of healthy cities (available here). I'm excited to see how his vision plays out...

In May, the City hosted a conference called Fit City: Active Living Through Design. It was, honestly, my dream. We talked all about how cities can be built to encourage physical activity, the development of community, a healthy life. Here's an interview talking about these ideas from my favorite NPR show:

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