Sunday, March 20, 2011

Real Weekends

Friday: Dinner & drinks with friends (while Alice slept soundly in the next room)

Saturday: Work, Grocery Store, then Park, Nap, Park, Dinner

Sunday: Family Breakfast (scrambled eggs and english muffins), Cleaning around the House, Downtown for Test Kitchen Chipotle, shopping for Alice (shoes and socks), a visit with our bookstore family, and a purchase at my favorite tea shop.

Now getting settled for the night. Making parsnip risotto with pancetta and sage for dinner. Cooking Alice's apple sauce, pears and squash. Maybe attempting taxes, cookies, and/or laundry.

I still think our 2 days with family to 5 days with work is excessive, but I'm glad we've savored these two days as much as we have!

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