Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Baby Steps

Dear Alice,

Tonight you took your first official steps!! You've been toying with the idea of walking for a couple of weeks now, lifting a leg here and there, teetering about the apartment. We've even seen you take a step or two on other occasions before falling softly to the ground.

But there was something different about what we witnessed tonight. Rather than moving towards Daddy or me, you faced away from us, determined to explore other parts of the apartment where we were not. You stood up, stared out of the playroom into the living room, and willed these steps to happen. The look of determination on your face was captivating, and your daddy and I watched in silence as you took one, then two, then three steps forward. As soon as you fell, we erupted into cheers, beaming. You looked around, proud of yourself and the attention your movement earned, and clapped your sweet little hands together.

A walker, you are.

I love you more than anything ever, my darling Alice.


PS You love your blueberries!

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