Thursday, April 29, 2010


Last night was a rough one in the Dunn household. Alice was in no mood for sweet, angelic moments. She was very excited to scream and cry. Hard. With tears.

Managing my emotions while Alice has tears streaming down her face is more difficult than I imagined it would be. I do my best to stay calm and relaxed, knowing that she will respond to whatever Michael & I are experiencing. I think we're both learning how to keep ourselves from feeling responsible for her irritation and to remain patient in the face of obvious, demanding need for something we don't know. Sometimes we are able to laugh at her adorable face all worked up over nothing at all. Other times I fight back tears and frustration.

In any event, today she has been sleeping much better. Our little spaz, asleep in her crib with the blanket Aunt Jess made for her keeping her warm, her arms high above her head - that's our girl!

Also, this morning I attempted to put her into one of the outfits we got for her (rather than her standard adorable onsie). She's still a little bit too tiny:


SMS said...

Hugs mama. I remember that feeling all too well. Margot has always been our tender one and she has this one particular cry that would just rip my heart out. Still trying to figure out what it is they need when they stand at my feet repeating the same word over and over.. they get it.. I am not always on the same page.. it does get easier.. everyone says that right? :) Take deep breaths and remember that you are her world, you and M are her whole world right now and she is trying desperately to communicate. Breathe and go with your gut. You are doing such a wonderful, wonderful job at this mom thing :)

Jessie said...

Thanks for posting this photo Lillian. When I picked out those colors I was thinking of it as the story of your pregnancy. First you "knew" you were having a son, then it was a daughter. Thus blue to pink. I bet now that you have her, you can't imagine anything different. She looks just right in your arms.