Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Laying on of Hands

As you know, last week we had a baby! It's been an amazing few days - utterly inexplicable ones, full of cuddle time, breastfeeding, sleepless nights, overwhelming, heart-stopping joy. I am mesmerized by my little girl and by the love that my husband and I have for her. Watching Michael care for her, soothe her and dote on her, watching him love her as I do further solidifies the reasons why I am with this man, and why I am so grateful to be sharing a life and raising a family with him.

There have been a lot of hazy reflections rumbling around in my brain since Alice was born. One phrase keeps coming back to me: the laying on of hands. In Christian theology, this act confers blessings and calls on the Holy Spirit to be physically present. From Alice's unexpectedly natural birth with our utterly supurb midwife, to the compassionate care of the fabulous nurses at St. Vincent's, to the food prepared for and delivered by friends and family, to girlfriends willing to bring me supplies to help my healing body, Michael, Alice and I have experienced our community reaching out and laying their hands on our little family of three. These acts of love embrace us with blessings and, yes, the Holy Spirit.

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SMS said...

Like :) So wish we could bring you guys some food.. I so love to cook :) We will still pretend to be part of your actual community from afar :) xoxo