Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Side Note

On a side note... Nicholas Kristof's article in the Times today about the news coming from the Catholic Church was outstanding. Michael and I have discussed this tension on many occasions - the hierarchy of the Church discouraging its faithful, overshadowing the truly honorable and charitable work the Church provides at the local level. His piece is worth the read.

Maureen Dowd also had an excellent piece a few days ago, one I've thought about quite a bit since. The other day, the CBS Evening News did a story on a nun who runs a home for adults with special needs. It was so touching - this woman raising her own flock, giving her life over to serve these communities, providing a maternal love to those who need it. I thought a lot about how spot on Maureen's article was. Again, worth the read.

And that's about as coherent as I get these days...

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