Friday, April 2, 2010

Home Bound

Today is my first day of maternity leave. For the next three months or so, I am not going to be trekking downtown to my office everyday, punching in my 8 hours and trekking home. Saying goodbye yesterday was surprisingly difficult, made harder by the lack of actual baby in tow. The trip to the office and back just became too much, and hours sitting in a chair were more than my lower back could handle any more.

The other big news of the day yesterday was that we scheduled an induction for Monday night. If our little girl doesn't show up this weekend, Michael and I will go out for a nice dinner on Monday (because I'm sure I'll be really ready to eat something), and then check in to the hospital to get this baby born. I would much prefer for her to come on her own, so I warned Michael that we're spending the weekend walking, taking stairs, and maybe even visiting the acupuncturist. Hopefully we'll see her before next week, but it is amazing to know that there is an end date in sight. In a week, Michael and I will have a new addition to our family.

I was surprised by how emotional yesterday made me. Between saying goodbye to my friends at work and setting my mind on a different type of delivery, I guess it was a lot to soak up. Thankfully the weather is going to be stunning for the next few days, and Michael and I will have time to enjoy together. It will be a quiet Easter weekend, but one to savor.

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AustenCarr said...

monday like.....3 days from now?! YAY!