Monday, April 26, 2010


Well, yesterday I turned 30 years old! Obviously the best present I've ever received is this little bug:

She amused me all day with great faces, like these:

And then, after a full day of love from Alice, Michael took over. He ran home after work to bake me a delicious cake - his first ever! - butter cake with chocolate frosting. Look how beautiful!:

But I must admit, the highlight of the entire day came after the cake was prepared (but before it was consumed). Our kind friend John came over to babysit for us and Michael and I went out on a date!

Just before John's arrival, Michael and I hemmed and hawed about going. We felt bad leaving our little one in our friend's care, fretting that she would scream and shout the whole time we were gone. But John pushed back when we gave him a way out, and Michael and I went for it.

Let me tell you, I am so glad we did. Michael's and my best dates have always been the ones that end with us sitting across a table from one another - preferably one littered with candles and wine and good tiramisu. That is indeed how last night ended. We ventured from our apartment southward to a new wine bar in the neighborhood. We ordered a half carafe of the Savignon Blanc, some mestizos, a salad and a burger. We talked and ate and enjoyed one another. We ordered another half carafe of wine. And then - truly joy of joys - we returned home to our beautiful baby girl, our Alice.

And, of course, our chocolate cake! John, Michael and I dove in, enjoying the fruits of Michael's labor, and just savoring the evening.

I look tired and 4 months pregnant, but this is me, feeling utter joy.


Henry said...

Happy Birthday! Sorry i missed you on the phone, but I'll call you soon!

SMS said...

I don't know how I missed this post but so glad to see you got to do some celebrating on your 30th :)