Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday Randomness

Alice is napping. Michael & I are cleaning, reading, baking cookies, and dreaming about our upcoming trip to Spain. Listening to the '60s radio station on Pandora.

I'm doing my best to fight off the Sunday Blues and my pending anxiety about work. I have another meeting with the Commissioner tomorrow and we have no hot water, so I'll be taking an ice cold shower in the morning. What am I going to wear? And have I done enough to prepare for our meeting?

Work will be insane until June 13th. Please pray for me - that I don't stress about things I have no control over. That I have the stamina required to maintain the focus necessary to launch this project. That we manage to eek out some fun. Can't wait to share with you all what we've been working on!

Two other items:
1. Welcome Palermosogno to my list of followers! Love how we find random connections to people all over the world...

2. We are praying for you over here, my sweet friend!

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