Thursday, May 26, 2011


Tonight, Michael and I threw caution to the wind and took Alice out for an evening walk after dinner was done.

We set our sights low - just a loop around a few blocks in the neighborhood, enough to get out and stretch but not to keep Alice up hours beyond her bedtime. It was a beautiful evening - perfect temperature with just the right amount of breeze and sunlight left in the day. The walk was lovely, quality time with the family - quiet, peaceful, gentle.

Alice is becoming a New Yorker before our very eyes. She now loves to walk from our apartment to the elevator, then from the elevator out to the front door. She navigates sidewalks very well, and knows how to wave at every passing stranger. She's in awe of nature whenever it appears - a green leaf, a piece of bark, a blade of grass. It is a shock to realize that Alice is growing up as a city kid, and the implications of such are already in play now.

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