Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Favorites

Oh my darling blog. How I miss you.

I'm sorry I've been so MIA this year. It's been a hectic few months, dominated by professional lives and sick babies. I spend a lot of the day running around right now, but I'm so happy doing it. Alice is at such a joyful age - spending lots of time giggling and smiling and gobbling down whatever food you put in front of her. She's starting to demonstrate preferences for certain foods (frozen blueberries and cut up grapes trump EVERYTHING). She's just such fun!

Today was a big day for me, professionally. I had two big meetings, with senior staff at the DOH, including the Commissioner. It's strange to realize that I'm at that point in my career where these events should happen more regularly. I'm no longer the youngest staff member in the office (though I was definitely at least 6 years younger than anyone else in the Commissioner's office today!). It's thrilling to be at such a fun level in my professional life - and thank God, since it comes at such a high price right now.

Another night I will write a longer post about this, and about how I'm missing Michael as he's off at a conference in Florida this week. But tonight I'm crawling to bed...

Goodnight friends.

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