Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Touch

Here it is, the end of another long day. My list of completed chores is long, but the list of things to do is longer. How is that possible? No need to complain - life is good for an employed, happily married mommy! But a baby with an ear infection and a work life that never quits is exhausting as well as fulfilling.

In other news, our good friends John & Anna had another baby girl!! Penelope is adorable and, in the blink of an eye, our New York City family has expanded. Alice is incredibly curious about the latest addition, and was riveted by her today.

Alice seems destined for middle-child-syndrome during this phase in her life. She's in love with Naomi, John & Anna's older daughter (11-months Alice's senior). Alice chases Naomi all over the place, even as Naomi screams "No!" Penelope just seems like a new toy. It's so touching to watch these little babies start to learn about one another, to see their fascination with other children, other beings their size and shape.

What a joy to have other friends to share this stage of life with! We are so blessed.

(And, as I write this, another friend is in labor. Sending good thoughts her way...)

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