Monday, February 14, 2011


It's Valentine's Day! We celebrated with chocolates from Cocoa Mills and carrot cake from La Casa Dunn. It has been a delicious evening, despite an attempt to destroy it by tossing a glass bottle full of olive oil on the kitchen floor. I feel like a very lucky lady.

I also celebrated by staying home from work! It has been a rough few weeks in our household, between all the sicknesses and stresses of work. So a day with a nanny and without an office to trek to sounded like a very good plan indeed. While I didn't get everything on my list completed (as evidenced by an actual picture of my actual list --- yes, I make lists of tasks for vacation days), I did feel like I had time to Get Things Done, as well as time to read and rest. My incredibly thoughtful brother bought me a gift certificate to get a massage for mother's day last May, and I finally redeemed it today. Heavenly.

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