Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I wish

Dear Alice,

How I wish there were a way for me to capture the cuteness!! At least once a day, I find myself in total awe of you. Of the words you now know. Of the moments you remember. Of the conversations you start to have with your loved ones.

This morning, when I asked you if you had good dreams, you said you had been crying, but now you are happy. This evening you told me that daddy was at the gym and that you had fun with Mel. You said wallet and popcorn and zipper, words I didn't know you had. When we were going to bed, you rubbed my cheeks with your sweet little hands. When it was time to give kisses through the slats, you pushed your belly up against the bars, then your nose, then your hands. You said, "LOVE YOU!"

I wish I could capture the sweet curls of your hair after the bath. The joy of hearing you say a new word. The awe inspired by your ability to convey emotion.

I love you, my sweet Alice!


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