Monday, January 16, 2012


This weekend, I cooked three meals:

  1. Saturday: Cavatappi with Cilantro-Pistachio Pesto
  2. Sunday: Prosciutto, Apple, and Brie Monte Cristo Sandwiches
  3. Monday: Ratatouille and Sausage Potpie with Cornmeal Biscuits (substituting zucchini with butternut squash)
The pesto was a total disaster - we threw the better part of the meal out. The Monte Cristo sandwiches were DELICIOUS (think your favorite appetizers, melted, with buttered toast - fantabulous). Tonight's was an old standby.

While preparing this somewhat labor-intensive dinner, I realized that it is my favorite winter meal. And the best part is that the meal is better on day two. Looking forward to tomorrow night's meal...

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