Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Status Updates

Alice is sick! I came home today to find an exhausted, warm baby. She fell asleep almost immediately, crashing before I even had a chance to put her in pajamas.

Michael is in Philadelphia for work. He's enjoying a restful night. In a HOTEL!! With room service!! And a maid!!

I baked chocolate chip cookies "for Michael" tonight and am resisting the urge to binge.

As an informed citizen, I should be watching the State of the Union. But instead I'm watching "The Bachelor." And binging on said cookies.

I've been taking more hot baths. And they are amazing - so comforting, calming, needed.

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SMS said...

Hoping your sweet girly gets better soon :( I have been taking a lot of baths lately too. Why have I not done this more often before?! Soaking and watching a girly movie on the laptop (way over on the counter).. such a relaxing way to end the day. Hugs!