Monday, January 17, 2011

The 9-Month You

Dear Alice,

Another lovely weekend drawing to a close. Bumpa came to visit, and we spent hours sitting on the floor in our living room, watching you crawl all around, play with toys and pieces of paper and shoe laces. You are growing like a weed, learning new tricks every single day. I'm loving this stage of your life, little one. You are such a joy!

Some things to know:
* You love Jack-in-the-Box! Every time the music starts, you crawl to your closest parent -- and then keep climbing! When Jack finally pops out, you jump and then smile, all in one swift motion.

* You are fearless. You're learning how to find your balance, pulling yourself up from the floor, shuffling from the sofa to the chair and back again. You are undaunted by falls and bumps and bruises. You just keep going, sweet love.

* Your favorite foods are squash, peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, and Chipotle quesadillas.

* You're starting to understand what it means to say goodbye, and that's absolutely heartbreaking. Weekday mornings, when I put on my jacket and get packed up for work, you crawl over to me, looking sad and unhappy about the separation that's to come.

* We cannot go anywhere, sweet girl, without you charming the pants off of strangers walking by. You love to flash your smile to anyone, anywhere. I've seen you melt even the toughest of men on the subway. It's spectacular.

I love you more than anything ever, sweet Alice!


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