Sunday, August 8, 2010

Four Months

Dear Alice,

This week, you turned 4-months old! Your dad and I can't believe how quickly time flies now that you're with us. While I was pregnant with you, four months seemed an eternity to have to wait for your arrival. Now that you're here, it seems to pass in the blink of an eye.

In the past couple of months, you've grown from a blessedly sweet infant into a charming baby girl. You astonish friends and family with your big brown eyes that are almost always open, taking in the world. Everyone comments on how alert and aware you are, how much you seem to be soaking in. Strangers continue to tell us what a beauty you are.

Your favorite playmates are Freddy the Firefly and your pink bunny. Your dad and I really love Mortimer the Moose, and we try to convince you that he is as cool as Freddy. You aren't yet convinced. You love to stand up, showing off your chubby and remarkably strong legs. Your head control is impressive for a girl your age. With it, you turn every which way, making sure you see everything there is to see in this beautiful world. The past month we've focused on getting you enough sleep, wrapping you up in a tight swaddle to help lull you to bed. Yet minutes later we peak into your bedroom to find you've spun around 180 degrees, wrangled your arms free and pushed them up and over your head with your back arched as much as possible.

We've had an eventful summer together, with trips to DC, South Carolina and the outer boroughs of Manhattan. We've shared a lot of time together as a family. And every evening, your dad and I take you for a walk in Riverside Park to spend some time enjoying the summer weather, being active together. Now we're starting to think about this fall, about the clothes we'll get you, the family we'll see, the events we'll share. It's all very exciting, this planning of our lives together.

We love you, sweet Alice. Happy birthday!

Your Mom


PS Your most popular nickname is Little Blabe (or, affectionately, LB). I also often call you my little bug. You're loved, my little one.


Kelsey said...

LOVE this picture! Her smiles are the best.

joven said...

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