Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Perfect Life

I have it so good.

A snapshot of my life right now: I wake up to the sunshine, my husband asleep to one side, my baby to the other. Alice is up and ready to eat, so I pick her up and bring her into the living room. Occasionally she will give me enough time to make my tea, while Michael gets ready for work. Alice enjoys a leisurely breakfast, while I sit and enjoy the quiet start. After she finishes, Alice asks for some attention, needing a new diaper, a walk around the apartment, or just some quality time with her parents. Occasionally Michael & I get smiles.

Michael packs up and heads to work, with much more comfort and relaxation given the new job. He kisses Alice & I goodbye and we all wish one another luck with the day. Michael walks the sunny 10 blocks to work. Alice and I start our day.

Our days are varied. We try to go for walks at least once a day, getting out to run some errands or just to enjoy Riverside Park. We go to the grocery store, or the drug store, or to meet friends for lunch. Throughout the day I email and text with several girlfriends who are also at home on maternity leave. Alice is generally happy, though fussiness occasionally permeates the day. We share laughs, read books, play in her baby gym. Sometimes, when she has a particularly good, deep nap, I have time to read a little.

Around closing time, Michael gives us a call. On pretty days, we will walk to his office to meet him. The three of us walk through Riverside Park or down quiet, pretty, tree-lined streets and enjoy some time out and about together. This spring has been glorious - bright, sunny skies, green everywhere, flowers blooming in every last corner of the City. We do our best to soak these days up, remembering last spring (all rain) and last winter (all cold).

Once home, Alice, Michael and I start an evening routine. Michael changes into comfortable clothes, I prepare dinner, Alice demands attention. Sometimes she sits quietly in her chair, watching me work in the kitchen. Sometimes she hollers at us to walk her around the apartment.

Eventually Alice goes to bed for the night. Michael and I enjoy time together, reading or (most likely) watching trashy TV. When we call it a night, we kiss and say, "I love you." I close my eyes and feel sheer gratitude for the overwhelming love contained within our little bedroom.

I am beyond words about my life right now. It is just perfect. Do I get annoyed? Yes. Do I miss sleep? Of course. And I could use an air conditioner, maybe a flat-screen TV - definitely a flat stomach. I could use some time at the gym. Sometimes I annoy Michael, sometimes he annoys me, sometimes we both annoy Alice.

But I know that this is a blessed time in our lives. I love spending my days with Alice. I feel fulfilled beyond measure when I care for her. My husband is my everything, and I am just completely in love with the people who surround me. I feel so blessed to have these glorious days at home, worrying only about the best ways to care for my little family. I see the return to work looming ahead and will eventually be excited to share some adult company. But I don't yearn for the stress those days will bring, for the running around I know will define my days.

Instead I savor the time I have now, joyful for all I have, for the way I spend my time, for my little Alice and my loving husband.

I have the perfect life. Or as perfect as any life can possibly be.

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