Thursday, June 17, 2010

And also..

I am my mother's daughter (as discussed here). And I am my father's daughter too!

Yesterday I spent much of the day drooling over the new iPhone 4. I had managed to dismiss its arrival previously because I thought we weren't eligible for an upgrade until November. But yesterday I found out that we could get the new iPhones NOW. So, of course, I WANT TO PRE-ORDER MINE NOW!

Periodically, I am overwhelmed by very intense desires for cool gadgets. This, without question, I get from my dad. I would like to own (in no particular order, mind you) the newest iPhone, a flat-screen TV, a fancy camera... I have these days every now and again that are almost unbearable with desire for some cool, fancy, high-tech and low-need device. Michael does his best to ignore me, knowing that the urgency will pass, reminding me that we are not early adopters.

But, MAN! Some days I sure want to be... So much for maternal zen.

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