Saturday, March 30, 2013

Favorite Kind of Day

Today was just a really enjoyable day. We spent most of the day outside as a family.

It started off a little rough, honestly. The kids woke up at 6 am, at least an hour too early for both of them. But Barrow had a nice, long morning nap and Alice responded very well to focused attention from Momma and Daddy. We went to the doctor for the kids' check ups - learned that Barrow (15 lbs, 7 oz) will keep his steely blue eyes and Alice (28 lbs, 4 oz) is still a shrimp. Then we met some potential new friends for Alice and had an Easter egg hunt in Central Park. Came home for a long nap with Alice. Then we made it out for dinner at Chipotle. Another lovely long walk outside.

A great day.

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