Monday, October 8, 2012

Heaven (as always)

Sadly, Michael had to work today. But Alice and I enjoyed quite an adventure. We went to the Bronx Botanical Gardens to enjoy the Haunted Pumpkin Garden and it was fabulous! We did some "rock climbing" and watched some characters dance around and enjoyed some time with ducks and rode the tram around the gardens and ran around among the roses and enjoyed some hot chocolate.

Days like today make me so sad to be working, or to not have more time at home with Alice. I'm so looking forward to maternity leave to be able to enjoy adventures with both our little ones. 

There have been some very special days with Alice over the past two years. Days like today. And our trip to the Botanical Gardens last winter to see the trains. And our trip to the beach in Staten Island this summer. And so many more. 

I hope to remember these days forever.

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