Sunday, July 1, 2012


This is the summer of change. On Wednesday, I resigned from my job at the Health Department. After 5 years working with the same amazing and inspiring team, I've accepted a new position in education.

I've been very conflicted about this decision. I interviewed for the job back in January, and as the slow, S L O W wheels of City beuracracy turned, I debated the move endlessly. Oh, and I also got pregnant. 

As I understand it, my new job will require more hours, more stress, and more analytic skills than I currently possess.  But it also comes with a slightly higher profile, more pay, and a new and engaging environment. I'm moving from an office that understands what it means to be a mother of young children into one that is occupied by younger, single women. Is this a good move? Who knows! But I do think it is time for a professional change.

Additional news from last week: our nanny left for (indefinite) maternity leave. We are facing a month without steady child care, but actually I'm excited. My mom is coming up for a bunch of days, Michael and I are both taking some time off, and we've hired a babysitting service for a few days as well. We're looking forward to a month of having Alice at home, not having to commute the 20 blocks south to our friends' house, and just enjoying the long summer days.

Please pray for our household. These changes are good, ultimately, but they are stressful, and not without worry. Thank you.

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