Monday, May 14, 2012


Today has been a horrible day. After getting Alice and M off this morning and getting dinner prepped, I boarded the train(s) to get to work. By the time I reached the stop just before my office, I had to get off the train to keep from passing out and/or throwing up. I managed to cool off and pull myself together enough to get back on the train. I got to work and started crying immediately.

Couldn't quite handle movement, so had to wait at the office until I could get home from QUEENS. More tears.

Spent the day on the couch. M picked up Alice and about 10 minutes later she had a massive poop that went all the way up her back. Smelled of rotten eggs. Horrible.

Then I proceeded the throw up through dinner.

I wish our parents lived here so they could help. Terrible.

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Sarah said...

Oh sweet friend. So sorry your day was so horrible!!!! :( Hoping for a happier tomorrow.