Sunday, April 29, 2012

Today was a Good Day

We had a wonderful family-focused day. We woke up a little late, went for a walk outside, met Naomi & family at the playground, and ate lunch in the park. Alice and I made her first smoothly, and she said it was, "so yummy." We came home for Alice's nap, I took a little snooze, then cooked dinner, and snuck in a walk before we ate. As we were enjoying the lasagna, Alice tested out how hot it was and reported that it was, "not bad." To top it off, Alice was ready for bed by 8:25. 

We've had a very hectic few weeks. Michael's job is always busy this time of year, and our nanny's growing baby belly has required many a day covering her doctor's visits. It feels like we've had very few nights like tonight - where I had dinner ready early, dishes cleaned before we sat down for dinner, and we were rested before the week ahead of us. 

Usually our Sunday's include a trip to the grocery store and the laundry. This weekend I managed to go to the grocery store on Saturday and we just skipped laundry, putting it off for tomorrow. I think those two little adjustments really helped make this weekend more relaxed and enjoyable. I realize these few sentences are SO boring, but they are the realities that make up our lives right now. We spend time together, we get food on the table, we prepare for life. And the more we can find joy in these routines - and small, simple ways to regroup - the better.


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Love days like this and love posts like yours. Reality is not always exciting but is frequently comforting. What a good day :)

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