Thursday, August 18, 2011


Lately I've been talking with other working mommy friends about the struggle to keep our families fed/clean/happy, our work life on track and ourselves sane - forget about living by some principals we value (i.e. eating home-cooked food, visiting farmers markets, getting out of the City every once in a while).

So of course we all come to one basic conclusion: can't we work 3 days a week? This is a silly idea to waste too much time on, since most of us can't afford that option. But it does sound lovely - having a few days out of the house to be engaged in the outside world, but also having enough time to get groceries purchased and apartments cleaned and errands run so that we aren't spending family time dealing with chores.

Ahhhh dreams...

(PS Are you sick of the same post over and over?)

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