Thursday, August 11, 2011

Morning (Take 2)

I had an insanely productive morning. Before leaving for work, I:

  • Did laundry
  • Made lunches
  • Made breakfast for Alice (forgot to make anything for myself, or for the hubs)
  • Did all the prep work for dinner
  • Unloaded the dishwasher
  • Dressed Alice
  • Hugged, kissed and loved on my family
It felt pretty great, I have to tell you. I've started preparing for dinner in the mornings, which has helped ease the stress of the evening and increased the frequency of us eating at home. We've been doing very well with family dinners, eating together at least 5 times a week. It's been a priority, and we've been sticking with it. I'm pretty proud, I have to say.

And can I ask for some input? I would LOVE book recommendations & good summer-time recipes (i.e. those that don't require the oven or stove for any longer than 20 minutes). Please share!!


acm said...

L - Try She has a great recipe index and a good number of things that are quick or designed to be made ahead. I have yet to try a recipe from her that hasn't been fantastic.

SMS said...

I am so impressed !!! You are pretty stinkin' awesome.. even though I am a bit late in seeing this :) I have lots of good recipes and I can send you a few of our favorites - will message them to you :)