Sunday, November 17, 2013

Birthday Boy

Dear Barrow,

Happy first birthday, my sweet love! It's hard to believe that just a year ago your daddy and I were on our way to the hospital, debating whether you would be born on the 16th or 17th (naturally you arrived within minutes of getting to the hospital, joining us on the 16th with time to spare). And now, here it is, November 2013 and we have a 1-year old on our hands!

You are such a joy, Bear! You laugh easily and often, showing off your dimple and beautiful blue eyes. You squint with your nose when you really want to show how happy you are, and throw your body up and down. You love giving high 5s, playing peekaboo, and food. Your sister is your favorite person in the whole universe. She dotes on you endlessly, holding your hand as we walk, bringing you toys to stop you from crying, and huging you as hard and frequently as we let her.

You sleep twice a day, for about two hours in the morning and three in the afternoon. You love being held by your mamma, and laugh joyfully whenever your dad gives you kisses with his beard. You are fairly consistently sleeping through the night, and when you wake up it takes a while to settle back to sleep. You took your first steps a couple of weeks ago, but still prefer to hold on and cruise around the apartment rather than risk falling down. But you can't wait to run.

You don't yet have any words, though I'm fairly sure you make a "mmmmm" sound when you want to say "mamma." You have just started to discover the joys of reading (including 'Peek-a-Who?' and 'Global Babies'), and your soothie and lovie. After we eat dinner, before bath, you and Alice play under the dinning room table while Dad and I clean up.

We are thrilled to get rid of your bottles and expensive formula, and just feed you what we eat. We call you Bear, and Bear-Bear. Alice calls you Cheeky.

We love you so, so much, sweet Bear. You bring such balance to our home. Your charming blue eyes, gorgeous dimple, and endearingly bright smile add a lightness to our family, and we're so grateful for it.

I love you, your sister and your daddy more than anything ever.


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