Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Wake up at 5:30 because Barrow needs a new diaper and a snack. Cuddle and put the little one back in bed. Work until 7:15. Hop into the shower and clean myself up. Finish in the bathroom and discover Alice on the couch, waiting patiently to read a book, or have a snack, or cuddle. Prepare and serve breakfast for us. Barrow wakes and joins us, usually sitting on the kitchen floor. Michael usually gets ready as we dine. Pack up lunches and get dressed for work. Realize I played with the kids too long and stress about getting out the door. Kiss Barrow, Alice and Michael goodbye. Tell everyone to have a good day. Walk out the door, hearing Alice yell, "Have a good day, Mamma! Love you!"

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Bridal lehenga said...

this because I found it interesting. I would be very interested to hear more news on this. Thanks!