Monday, January 14, 2013


Some things I want to remember about Barrow:

* You love to be held. There is very little time during the day when I'm not wearing you. And that, I think, has given us a special connection. You know how I smell, and feel comforted when we are together.

* Smiles started at about 7-weeks. We had our first "game," where I jumped every time you hiccuped. You loved it.

* You are a grunter and your toots can wake your family up!

* You are SO much bigger than your sister. At 8-weeks you weigh 12.5 pounds. It took Alice at least 4 months to weigh that! I love it - our big man.

* You adore your sister. She gets the biggest smiles from you - and she loves getting them. She dotes on you constantly, giving you hugs and kisses whenever she sees you. She holds you every morning.

* A memory I hope to hold: On Christmas Eve, we were driving home from dinner at your Uncle Tyler's house. You were totally exhausted and began screaming (which you just don't do). Nothing I was doing could calm you. So Alice started singing "Mamma's gonna buy you a mocking bird." I joined in. Within 30 seconds, you were calm. Within a minute, you were asleep.

I love you, your sister and your daddy more than anything ever.


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