Saturday, March 17, 2012

Perfect Saturday

Today started at 9 AM, when our sweet, sleeping daughter woke up. Happy. At 9 AM.

Our apartment was full of gorgeous sunshine, nothing but blue skies all around us. Alice was happy to let us put her sweet hair in pigtails, put her bangs up in a barrette.

We took our typical Saturday stroll through Central Park, including a stop at the Central Park Zoo. Alice LOVED the animals. We watched the Gus, the Polar Bar, swim:

We petted the cow and the alpaca:

We walked by the St. Patrick's Day Parade, clapping for the bagpipes and the drums. We went and ate Chipotle, and on the train ride home Alice said, "Momma happy. Daddy happy. Alice happy."

Yes, sweet love. Exactly.

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