Thursday, September 8, 2011


Today was one of those days when I questioned my loyalty to New York. In chronological order:
  1. This morning I attempted guided meditation using my new favorite obsession, I haven't been getting to the gym regularly, so I've started doing yoga at home using classes streamed on this site. I've been meaning to try meditation, so this morning I settled into our play room - the sunniest, most pleasant space in our apartment - and pushed play. Unfortunately I couldn't hear the pearls of wisdom streaming from my computer because the trucks and train noises just outside our apartment were too loud. I turned off the computer in disgust.

  2. Michael and I have been battling a mouse problem. For about a month. Our super finally came in to identify where the mice are entering, and we have a hole behind the dishwasher. Oh, and there are several gaps between our floor and the baseboards on our walls. Oh, and by the way, there are mouse droppings in my kitchen. Yuck. [Of course, at least I have a super. If I were a homeowner in Virginia, for example, who would check this out for free?!]

  3. I took Penelope, Naomi & Alice to the playground today. While there, a little boy about Alice's age wanted to play with them. This boy looked hungry, and sick, and in desperate need of a bath and some grown up attention. I gave him some of our snack and the girls would occasionally invite him to join. It made me sad. This isn't an experience directly related to New York, but somehow it felt like this City contributed to this boy's situation.

  4. It's just been a noisy, noisy night. Loud music from some neighbor's car. Trains and trucks and taxis galore. No crickets. No birds. No cicadas. Just transportation.
Obviously I still love New York. I just need to go out and enjoy the parts that make it worthwhile before I drive my husband bananas.

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Ellen said...

I have had many moments of hating city living myself. For instance, when we lived in D.C., our apartment building made us take everything in our kitchens out of them every 3 months to spray for bugs. And we still had cockroaches. I came home one day to find a cockroach having babies on my kitchen counter.

And then there was the day the Metro broke down on the way home from work. It was so hot, and they loaded us all on a bus, and then they dropped us off blocks from our stop. People were pushing and shoving, and we recognized a blind man who lived in our building. He had no idea where he was, and if we hadn't been there, I'm not sure how he would've gotten home. It stank for all of us.

But in the suburbs, you have barking dogs... and sometimes they bark all. day. long. So there ya go. =)