Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Yesterday was my 31st birthday. I am officially in my thirties.

The day itself was much like any other work day - frenetic, a bit harried, but ultimately enjoyable thanks to family and friends. Michael gave me a book and a mug with pictures of our family on it. He made me a red velvet cake. Alice gave me a gift card to Starbucks. And my mom spoiled me rotten with a host of presents.

During the day, one of my colleagues/friends joked with me that I was finally catching up with her in age, as she has been "in her thirties" for a couple of years now. Ultimately, though, she congratulated me on my family. Being a woman in her early thirties with a loving husband and beautiful baby is nothing to sneeze at, especially here in New York, and I appreciated my friend's gentle reminder of that fact.

I'm so absurdly blessed. I don't deserve these riches. And so I will do my best to say a special prayer of thanksgiving every day of this new year. I have it so, so good.

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