Friday, July 9, 2010


I am recovered from yesterday's nightmare. Here's why:

1. Last night, I packed Alice up and took her down to Le Monde, a restaurant in our neighborhood with a plethora of space for strollers. We grabbed a table outdoors and I ordered a dirty vodka martini and a salad. Alice sat quietly, observing passersby as I read, ate and sipped my deliciously strong drink. After about 20 minutes, Alice was ready to play, so I picked her up and she smiled and enjoyed watching people come and go.

2. This morning my in-laws sent me this lovely present with a note that said I am a good mother:

3. My iPhone 4 arrived today.

4. My brother is on his way up to New York for a visit.

5. Yesterday, in my anger, I wrote to the author of the Motherlode blog on the New York Times website and shared my frustrating experience with her. She published a comment about it!! Find it here.


1 comment:

Kelsey said...

What an awesome day to make up for yesterday's crappiness! I hope that rude lady reads the Motherlode blog.

PS- So jealous of your iPhone 4! They need to release the white one already!